Brad Pitt Surprises Student with an Unexpected Photo Bomb

While any graduation is a big event for any student as they take the first step towards a professional and working life leaving behind a carefree attitude. The coronavirus has put a dent into any graduation plans for the class of 2020 student. However, Brad Pitt has put a smile and gave them a surprise unlike any other. For graduating students from Missouri State Brad surprised them with an inspiring message from his quarantined self.

This video was posted on MSU’s Twitter feed and starts with the University’s president, Clif Smart, who said that he needed one more special guest to deliver a message for the students. And that is when Brad Pitt, who was a native of Springfield where the university is located pops up on screen.

"Hi everyone. Brad here from quarantine with a shout-out to the graduating class of Missouri State University. Yeah, it must be very strange doing this in these trying times, but know we're rooting for you," Pitt says, adding, "Our money's on you to make this world a better place. And we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. So, you did it. You made it. Enjoy. Congrats again and think big."

This became possible after an assistant professor tweeted on May 12 that she was trying to get a video from Brad.

"I had a wild idea that Brad Pitt would do his hometown a solid & cheer up @MissouriState grads who won't walk this Friday. Haven't heard from anyone I emailed, so here's a video I never thought I'd share. Last shot for my students. Twitter, do your thing."

And the rest is history.