Things you keep in mind before installing any online payment app. (part 1)

After demonetization, the rate of digital transactions has increased a lot. And Covid Outbreak proved to be a catalyst in making cashless economy.

With this aim to make India cashless, many payment apps have been launched by many companies. But now the number of these apps has become so much that people get confused, which app to install and which one is not, which app is genuine and which app is fraud, which app will benefit more by using it and which app. is not right for you.

So, in the midst of all these questions, we all get confused and are unable to decide exactly which are the best apps.

Irrespective of any Digital Payments app, it should have some global features, so before you choose Payment apps, you should decide whether that particular app has these features or not:

1. That app is accepted and certified everywhere:                                                                             We shop in different places in daily life, so you have to make sure that the app you choose is accepted in most of the places where you shop often we do.

2. With apps, you can do all the basic tasks: recharge, pay bills, pay different merchants through that app, like do basic work.

3. Payment transactions happen in real-time: It should not happen that you are sending money using that app in the morning and it is reaching the other person in the evening. Transactions should happen instantly and in real-time.

4.You should be able to transfer the balance of this app to your bank account:

There should be an option to transfer the balance of the app to your bank account. we would not like to create an account in any such app, which does not have the option to transfer money to my bank.

Hope, this blog will help you to take your decisions before making your account on online payment apps.

To know top and trusted online payment apps, head over to next part of this blog.